We forgot to dream

Dance Hall Rock

You may have noticed by now that something is missing. From our app and from your life.

The sun rises and so do you. You shower to numb the weariness, artificial light and warm water dispelling the illusion that today might be a weekend. Mild-mannered, you join the ants marching to proletarian offices where you engage in a pantomime of commerce. Through tinted glass windows you keep an meaningless eye on the weather. The smell of cheap coffee numbs your senses, as you focus on pressing the right keys in the right order. Computer screens reflect in the glass, wan spreadsheets distorted, tired compilers reprocessing the same instructions again and again. Iterative modifications reduce entropy until a glimmer of perfection emerges. As the light slowly turns to evening eventually something halts. You grasp your car keys like a trophy and stand up. See you tomorrow, you say.

This is not where you want to be.

Meanwhile, you dream. Desert cities glitter beneath snowcapped peaks. Deep canyons flash flood as lightning crackles and hailstones fall. Aspens wink in shocking yellow along a mountain pass, sliding down through the oranges and reds of deep fall. In sand dune valleys below, gnarled cottonwoods drink deeply to sate the thirst of decades. Pronghorn flutter sultry eyelashes and prance unfettered through the unfenced sagebrush.

Once, twice a year, you live the dream. It costs you dearly. Sleepless nights, days of travel, weeks of planning, months of savings. The ancient world is still there, only half-remembered, now battered and frail. You can visit, but you cannot stay for long.

We cannot give your days meaning. But we can help you dream better. We should have done this from the beginning. We forgot.

In version 2.1.4, we introduce the concept of a Bucket List. It’s like a trip, but instead of days there are folders. In those folders you can store all of your bucket list activities, all ready for you to copy and paste into a trip when you’re ready to commit. You can also use it to store activities that don’t really need a trip, like if you’re just going hiking for the day.

The office awaits us all tomorrow. Let us dream, just a little, to help the time pass better.

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