Privacy Policy

As a travel planning app, Sideroads is designed to handle your personal travel-related information. You tell the app where you’re going, what you’re doing, and when you’re doing it. The app stores this information for you, allowing you to view it later.

Some data from your trips may be sent to Microsoft’s AppCenter telemetry service. No personal data is included in this telemetry stream. Further, this data is aggregated with data from other users, which means we cannot correlate any individual data points with your identity. We use the data provided to the telemetry service to better understand how users are using the app and its features. This allows us to identify which areas of the app we should focus on improving over time.

The app’s telemetry functionality can be easily disabled from inside app settings.

Sideroads does not share any of your personal information over the internet. At your request, the app may sync travel information to your OneDrive account, allowing you to share data between your devices. Only your personal cloud storage drive is used, and the this data is never transferred to our servers. The app only reads and writes from its application directory on OneDrive, and does not have permission to read or write to any of your other files.

In some cases, Sideroads may request information from third party sites (e.g. weather or mapping services) in a way that could disclose dates and locations in a general way (e.g. by asking the National Weather Service what the weather will be like in Kanab, Utah on Tuesday). These requests are always performed in an anonymous fashion, and no personally identifiable information is disclosed to these third parties.

This policy is subject to change without notice. Please check this page for the latest privacy policy. If you disagree with this policy, please discontinue use of the application.