All About Windows Phone – “We’re seeing more and more UWP utilities designed to help you when away from the roads and civilisation in general. Well, maybe the odd hotel at night and then back out into the outdoors? All planned and visualised here in a brand new application, Sideroads UWP.”

Softpedia – “Effortlessly plan your trips and holidays with this intuitive and complex cross-platform app that has a built-in time scheduler, map service and weather forecasting tool”

Windows 7 Themes – “When you are mapping out your next adventure, there are often lots of spots you might want to remember to visit. You might have GPS coordinates or special spots you love. With that Sideroads is your new app. […] If you love planning your trips, take a look at Sideroads. It’s free and quite a planning app to discover.”

BetaNews – “Sideroads is a trip planner application that covers various activities such as hiking, biking, driving, or diving. It comes with a calendar, weather and map support, options to save images and use GPX data, and other niceties including a logistics tracker which summarizes things like flights, hotels, rental cards and restaurants.”