Release to Manufacturing


In these dire times something as trivial as a software launch is likely beneath your attention. We live in the most interesting of times. Fascism is on the march. They’ve come for the children, and they’re not giving them back. There is no app for that, not even a moral compass.

All we know is that there’s a lot of travelling in our future. Maybe we’ll be going to a march to protest state-sponsored child abuse. Maybe we’ll casually visit a country without extradition treaties. Or maybe someone will put us on a train. Either way, there is an app for that, and if we manage to smuggle a smartphone in our underwear we might be able to use it.

With that in mind, it is our pleasure to announce that our Android app has officially left Beta and is now available to everyone in the Google Play Store. With version 2.0.5 the app has finally graduated. Maybe you can even offer it a job.

We stand by our usual principles for this release: if it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for you. To that end, we spent ten days in May wandering off the grid in southwest Utah, with Backroads for Android as our guide. The app performed admirably, and we came home with a bunch of tracks recording our adventures. They even synced up to the cloud and happily jumped to all of our devices without even asking us. This might not be the app the world needs these days, but it’s become a mighty fine tool for adventure travel.

Safe travels, and watch out for fascists.

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