Hidden Canyon trail

We have a secret.

It’s the good kind of secret. Once revealed, it will make trips planned in Backroads significantly more useful for around 85% of you, statistically speaking.

While working on our secret, we’ve also been quietly improving the trip companion aspect of the app. If you’ve seen recent updates, you know that maps now have a nifty toolbar with buttons, that clicking on an activity now opens a nice page with itemized details and a map, and that you can now see how far you’ve walked when tracking. Also, if your device’s GPS captures altitude, then the app will tell you approximately how much elevation you’ve gained.

That’s all pretty cool stuff, but none of that is a secret.

Of course, you’re not a statistic. If you’re even reading this, then statistics don’t define you. Being a Backroads user places you squarely inside a fairly unique and – dare we say – iconoclastic category of people. You follow your own compass, not the herd. You visit the unvisited, you look for the unseen. You travel to feel that feeling that says that even though there might be a few footprints ahead of you, you’re still the first person to ever see this place in precisely this way. Las Vegas isn’t slot machines, it’s the gateway to the desert. While traffic winds towards Hoover Dam, you’ve already explored Whitney Pocket, and you’ll soon be finding your way to White Pocket. You spend the time between your trips searching the internet for secrets.

If you’re here, you love secrets.

We think you’ll like this one.

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